The shock waves are acoustic waves with a so high tip of energy that he is able to produce a great pressure that causes some as well biological effects at microscopic level in the space between the cells, that is to say, the interstitial or extracellular space. The most remarkable effects are the catkin of the regeneration of weaves, the breakage of typical fibrous septos of the cellulitis and the lipolysis of mechanical character that is observed as a certain reduction of the thickness of the greasy layer. Also it produces a diminution of the oedema (retention) present in the zones with cellulitis and a frank improvement of the circulation with one better oxygenation of weaves. All this is translated in an evident improvement of the elasticity, firmness and texture of the skin and a polishing effect and of rejuvenation on treated weaves.
The shock waves are known and they are utillizan in Medicine for more than 30 years. In the 80 they were begun to use in Urology for the famous litotricia (destruction of the kidney stones) and in the decade of the 90 were applied in physiotherapy for the recovery of chronic injuries in muscles and sinews.
For some years already we counted on several clinical trials that demonstrate the effectiveness of the shock waves in the micro-nodular cellulitis and macro-nodular reason why we can assure that they have become a perfect ally for the fight against this as feminine condition as inestética.