Beauty & Co, your clinic of confidence

Beauty & Co, your clinic of confidence
  1. The surgeon and medical equipment: To choose a plastic surgeon properly credited, professional and of confidence, and a clinic of aesthetic surgery with guarantees is an equal task (or more) important that of making the decision to take to end the operation. All the surgeons must be in the SECPRE and have all the titles that credit them. He requests refencias.
  2. You do not let yourself be relaxing by spectacular supplies: in this scope nobody gives nothing, and if the price is surprising lower than the average is for two reasons: or materials and products of quality, or the operating visits are not included post and all the materials are not including in the price.
  3. Low prices and principle quality: one of the questions that become our patients, is why our prices are so low if we are in favor to only use brands of first quality. The answer is that we maintain a margin of very low benefit to democratise the beauty for all the pockets. The other main reason is that we are not tax exemption:we are proprietors of our premises and we have operating rooms and own rooms. This has been a data important to consider, because in the prices of other clinics the operating room and the hospitable entrance for of external form and get dearer the final price in an important manner.
  4. The Doctor must open all the products in front of you and keep all the information in your card:we open each new product in front of the patient so that one sees the brands that we used and that everything is estétil.

In Beauty & Coour maximum purpose and commitment always are that the patient is totally satisfied. Visits make lack different and to enter into a flowed dialogue to assure to us what is what really the patient wants to obtain with his aesthetic change, reason why is important that confidence exists on both sides. For us, the option only exists to put always all our professionalism and experience to the service of the patient, as well as to use the best qualities in all our products, because in the end, we know that and so we tried is with people, and its health and well-being are the unique thing that matters to us. Our objective is your satisfaction, for that reason we did not acquire the first appointment so that you can directly speak of everything with the Doctor and solutions all doubts:695 505 165/911 138 321