The hiperhidrosis or excess of sweat ends

The hiperhidrosis or excess of sweat ends
“Waterproof”:Thus our treatment for the hiperhidrosis, that is to say, extreme perspiration in hands, armpits is called and feet. Nevertheless it is not necessary that perspiration is extreme, waterproof is indicated for all that one that wants to control the sweat in anyone of its versions. Perfect for a summer without sweat or ideal for super models or trainers of soccer. The hiperhidrosis is an excess of perspiration that is located generally in armpits, palms of the hands and plants of the feet. Sometimes it can occur in other zones of the body as the head and the face.

The Botoxis the only nonsurgical solution to eliminate the excess of activity of the sweat glands of temporary way that significantly reduces the sweat in the treated zone, as for example in the armpits.

It is a tolerated good treatment, without needing happening through operating room, insurance and of great effectiveness to improve the quality of life of the patient.

How it is realised?

By means of injections with a very fine needle it is come to infiltrate Botulinum toxin in the zone to try. It does not require anesthesia and he is practically painless. The session lasts about 20-30 minutes.

Is Each how long necessary to repeat it?

Normally the treatment is made once a year when the heat begins. If the case of perspiration is very excessive can be repeated 2-3 times to the year. Each case will be valued in consultation.

What recommendations are necessary after being realised the treatment?

Not to make intense sport nor to be in hot saunas, bathrooms or places where it is very warm up to two hours later. Normal life can be done immediately.