Treatments Operation Bikini in Beauty & Co

Treatments Operation Bikini in Beauty & Co
  1. Aqualyx-Treatment de Liposucción without surgery:The Aqualyx becomes congested in the zone to try,at subcutaneous level, so that it reaches the fatty weave and it obtains the “death” of the adipocito or greasy cell. It acts as a “detergent” that it dissolves the accumulated fat that is not eliminated with diets.This type of treatment is little invasive since he does not need operation. The resultsthat you are going to obtain are an improvement in the areas dealt with an importantdiminution of volume, appears more streamlined and located fat reduction.The results are visible from the first session and are of permanent character, nevertheless, the complete result will be observed the month of the application. Following the advance of the treatment, the doctor will recommend more sessions. Between the sessions he must exist a time interval among 20 and 30 days.
  2. Exilis-Goodbye to the flaccidity: The latest in radio frequency for corporal reaffirmationoffers a noninvasive form of treatment for the reduction of the wrinkles and the remodeling of the specific fat deposits. Exilisalso complements the previous and later treatment in the invasive techniques of liposuction.
    The treatments of Exiliscan postpone or eliminate the necessity of invasive surgery, particularly for patients with slight fat deposits to moderate.
    Exilisuses heat controlled in the weave through the molecular excitation uniform, in combination with the beneficial effects of the mechanical waves. Contouring provides a body indeed, through the reduction of the volume of fat and skin rejuvenation, for an ample variety of patients. One is the treatment of faster corporal contour available. The majority of the patients is treated in four sessions of twenty minutes.
  3. X-Waves Shock waves against the cellulitis:Technology X – Wave acts directly on the cells greasy, responsible for the appearance of the cellulitis (orange skin), diminishing its size and volume. Simultaneously, it improves the operation of the sanguineous circulation, allowing the drainage of the fat of an accelerated natural form and more. Finally, the acoustic waves manage to again increase to the production collagen, person in charge of the firmness and smoothness of the skin.
    The technology used by the X-Wave Waves is not invasive, painless and practically fast (the session does not exceed the 30 minutes), reason why allows one immediate incorporation of the patient to its habitual routine.
  4. Nutritional Coaching:no of the previous treatments will maintain its results if it is not combined with a good feeding and healthful habits of life that include some type of sport. For that reason we offer Nutritional Coaching with our experts to be able to establish a customized plan that teaches to the patient to take, permanently, a healthful life that avoids the feared effect bounces of the fast diets.