Treatments Silky Skin for men

Treatments Silky Skin for men
The men also want to take care of themselves and to have a beautiful and well-taken care of skin. Nothing better than the beauty treatments flash to have the radiating skin in some minutes, and the best thing of everything, to reasonable prices for all the pockets.

Of what it consists?

- Skin Bioestimulación:the treatment consists of harnessing the natural beauty of each patient without losing its natural expression. In order to obtain a compound of variable proportion of vitamins is used it, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, trace elements, elastin and collagen, that by means of small injections, practically painless, is applied in the face of the patient. Ice in the zone is applied so that it hurts less.

- Peelings medical superficial:Later to the infiltrations Doctor Rafik Dehni will realise different types from peeling doctor following the skin and needs of the patient, finishing with the application of a face mask harnessing the previous treatments, where we will be able to find 5 different models: cells mother and vitamins, aclarante, ozone, reafirmante and regenerante and of ATP with hyaluronic acid.
This treatment is completely customized and individual, reason why based on the type leather it will include some products or others.

Which is the result?

We will be able to restitute the lost elements of the skin, to redefine contours of the face, to eliminate wrinkles, to improve the flaccidity and to recover the luminosity in the face. Really, to improve and to rejuvenate the quality of the skin.

The treatment lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, and the results are visible right away: greater luminosity, smoother skin, without brightness, attenuated wrinkles, healthier aspect, without pores, hydrated and healthy tone and uniform. The treatment can be initiated from the 25-30 years in men and women of preventive form. A shock treatment is advised at the outset, once every month or month and a half, and soon to be spacing it as we are improving the quality of our skin.
The result is immediate and visible nothing else to finish the treatment.

Doctor Rafik Dehni and Victor Enguindanos