Softox-Botox to eliminate face wrinkles

Softox-Botox to eliminate face wrinkles
The botulinum toxin more conocidad sinceBotoxhas revolutionized the world of the aesthetic surgery. Nowadays it is the used aesthetic technique more and has been able to harness the knowledge of the face anatomy and the form to work the muscles that provide the expression. We can eliminatethe houndstooth checks, the wrinkles of entrecejo and the forehead, but we can modify a smile that teaches to too much the teeth or the position of sadness of the angles of the mouth. Also it is very important in the elimination of the bands of the neck or in it wrinkles of the decollete.It is a good allyfor the techniques of correction of flaccidity of the face contour as the radio frequencyor to help in surgeries as the blepharoplasty.

In BEAUTY&CO-Beauty and Compromiso, we know that the Botulinum toxinhas very bad press and that is due to the terrible images of petrified fronts and faces without gesture, expression and movement that appear constantly in mass media. Judgments become of value on the basis of bad results. The SOFTOX is a new one, controlled and delicate form to apply botulinum toxin, invented, patented and registered by us and, as it indicates his name (sotf: smooth and tox: toxin), is able to attenuate or to erase during four months! the wrinkles of the forehead, the houndstooth checks and entrecejo of a subtle but effective way, with results smooth and, extremely very very natural. One is botox to the letter, the taste of the consumer and using anyone of three official toxins of the market: Bocouture, Vistabel or Azzalure.

How it acts?

This substance, injected in smallest amounts in certain lines of face wrinkles, obtainsthe almost total disappearance of the same of prolonged form, without altering to the smile nor the expressivity and allowing the natural and youthful expression of the face.
One becomes congested in the muscles, allowing that relax and that when realising gestures as gathering the forehead or entrecejo, the wrinkles are not marked that produce the muscles that there are underneath them. It is an effective treatment in women and men.
They are due to fulfillthe sanitary conditions hygienic dictated by the Community of MadridRegistryCS8412and in Beauty & Co we fulfilled and we opened them the product in front of the patient.

When appraised is the result?

The result is appearingafter some days, which supposes an advantage for the patient, since nobody will notice an abrupt change in its aspect. The wished effect is obtained to the 4-8 days. Sometimes, it takes up to 2 weeks.This effect lasts approximately four months. In some people it lasts six months.

During how long I can deal to me with Botox?

The treatment can be repeated each 4, 5 or 6 months without problems, according to the necessity of the person. He is recommendable to deal with the incipient appearance small wrinkles to avoid that with time it goes to more.

Is painful the treatment?

No. The treatment noncause pain. If it is necessary is applied the cold premises to reduce the annoyance of the puncture. A small amount of liquid by means of extremely fine needles underneath the skin is applied, in the corresponding muscle. It is possible that sometimes the patient can notice a small annoyance during the application that usually is defined as slight irritation.

Due to do is rest after the treatment? What contraindications have?

The habitual tasks can be resumed immediately. In addition the cares are minimum: in the 4 later hours to the applicationit is necessary to avoid to rub the face(it is necessary to have well-taken care of not doing it when washing itself after the treatment) andto lie down or to ease up in the first hours, so that the injected medicine does not spread towards zones nonwished. By the other normal life at the moment and without appreciable brands.
Botox in pregnant women,nor in people with neuromuscular diseases that can increase the effect of the toxin, as miastenia gravis or the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis does not have to be used. It does not have either to be used in infected zones.
Analgesic aspirins, nor other medications do not have to be taken from one week before. In the previous consultation, it will receive the necessaryindications.

Which are the risks of the treatment?

Those of any injection, essentially a minimum risk of allergy. Occasionally, a small hematoma in the zone of injection takes place, headache or creeps in the zone. All these alterations are fleeting and totally reversible. The botulinum toxin has come being used with diverse indications for 20 years (14 from its commercialization) and has been applied to more of a million people without excellent side effects have been demonstrated.

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