Radiesse-El effect “V”

Radiesse-El effect
What is Radiesse and why it is used?

It is a material of face filling that consists of an injectable cohesive gel of microspheres of synthetic Hidroxiapatita de Calcio. It is used for face fillings in those areas where they are you fold or severe or moderate wrinkles.In addition RADIESSE is indicated for their subskin implantation in face cases of lipodistrofías (loss of face fat) in people with HIV.

What duration has and how it is eliminated?

He is temporary and it lasts between 6 months and a year. The own organism eliminates it slowly until it disappears.

How it works? Effect “V”

An optimal distribution of the face volume without happening through the operating room consists of the recovery of the natural form and. It adds volume in the zones where it is had lost improving the appearance, reducing wrinkles and you fold and filling up collapses brought about by the loss of face fat. Of this form lifting without precedents is obtained to an effect, with effect more lasting than botox and by all means, without surgery. The result is a very natural and visible effect at the moment. In addition it stimulates the natural collagen production on the part of the own organism in soft weaves.

It is a fast treatment, of about 15 minutes approximately, and requires a smaller number of injections than other treatments of filling. In addition it is a natural compound 100% that completely reduces the risk of suffering allergies.

It presents side effects?

• bruises
• reddening
• swelling
• pain
• itch, ardor

The effects are temporary and disappear in the first 72 h.Está contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, and people with allergies and /o anaphylactic reactions.

The confidence to be in the hands of professionals

This treatment must become into the hands of medical professionals, as Beauty and Co: the product is opened in front of the patient and it keeps in his file. The price varies according to the clinic (up to 600 Euros of average), but we have the most competitive price of the market, to approach the beauty treatments all those people who wish it. For that reason if you find a better price we equaled it to you.

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