Treatment for the excessive sudación with botox

Treatment for the excessive sudación with botox
What is the hiperhidrosis?

In the course of our daily activities, our body regulates its temperature mainly obeying to the conditions of the climate and the developed physical activity. For it we have a regulating mechanism concerning the autonomic nervous system, or involuntary, known as Likeable system. This system sends information through small called cables independent nerves that are located to each side of the spine. Thus, of way noncontrolled, the sweat glands activate to initiate the sweating process and to regulate the corporal temperature by means of the evaporation of sweat. These glands are located in almost all the extension of the skin. Nevertheless, specific zones exist where a greater amount is concentrated they; so it is the case of the armpits, the hands, the feet and the face.

The sweating is a natural phenomenon that comprises of our lives. Sim embargo, a 3% of the population suffers of excessive perspiration, also call hiperhidrosis.
These people transpire more of the normal thing, which porvoca social problems and of self-esteem, since the clothes are stained excessively and it even can go accompanied of a strong scent.

Which is the treatment?

The hiperhidrosis can be dealt with botox, remarkably improving the quality of life, the security and self-esteem, and the personal, labor relations and physical activities.
By means of infiltrations of Botulinum toxin the activities of the sweat glands are blocked. This treatment is realised at local level by means of infiltrations in the dermis, of simple form, as soon as painful, fast and with incorporation immediate to the daily activities. It does not need recovery nor passage by operating room. He is highly effective with the axillary hiperhidrosis.
The effect lasts of 4-6 months.

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