Treatment to eliminate varices in Beauty & CO: Sclerosis

Treatment to eliminate varices in Beauty & CO: Sclerosis
Why they appear varices and spiders you will tilt?

Our circulatory system in the legs is made up of arteries, veins and capillaries. The arteries transport the blood with oxygen to all the body, including the legs, but the veins are the ones in charge to transport the blood without oxygen back from the heart and lungs to oxygenate it again, but of opposite form to the gravity. This possible thanks to the existence in the veins of some valves that allow the circulation of the blood in ascending direction, but which they are closed once have happened preventing that this one circulates in opposite direction. When these valves are debilitated or injured the blood can circulate in descendent direction, adding to the ascendant, causing stagnation and in this way the appearance of varices.

Types of varices

4 types of varices based on if exist they are fine, average or heavy.
  • Degree 1-Varices fine or superficial:This type of varicose veins (varices) is in the skin and is most superficial and fine, in addition to most habitual. Also known as spiders you will tilt, they are not painful and sometimes they are reduced to an aesthetic problem, nevertheless, its appearance can be a sign of deficiencies in deeper veins.
  • Degree 2 - Varices average or reticular:They are varicose veins (varices) subcutaneous, deeper and majors than the superficial ones, and represent the second type of more common variz. This type of variz usually goes accompanied of symptoms as slowness and fatigue in the legs, pain, cramps, creeps or sensation of heat and irritations. This case can only not respond to an aesthetic problem, but also of health. When being an inner vein the accomplishment of an echo previous Doppler is necessary to know its state and to treat it.
  • Degree 3 - Heavy:Varices degree 3. (tronculares)they have its origin in the dysfunction of the veins safenas, that are deepest and heavy. More aesthetically more impressive thicknesses are the causes of varices and, and come accompanied from the annoyances of varices of degree 2, but more intense. For its treatment the accomplishment of an echo Doppler is necessary.
  • Degree 4:They are the advanced cases more, than generally, compose it varices of degree 3 accompanied of complications related as ulcers, trophic changes in the skin, phlebitis or tromboflebitis.


He is realised of ambulatory form without anesthesia nor surgery, reason why the patient can be reincorporated to the daily life of immediate form.

The vascular surgeon guided by an echo Doppler by means of sclerosis realises it. They are small infiltrations of Polidocanol, attacking the variz that later is eliminated by the body.

Following the degree and number of varices, the sessions vary and is possible to need adjustments. The aspect of the variz will be darkened and later it will improve after some months until disappearing. One obtains very good results with this treatment, and a pursuit continued during and after the same is realised.