Everything what you need to know on the Bótox and its effects

Everything what you need to know on the Bótox and its effects
We have seen cases of famous people that one went using bótox and the result was counter-productive. This happens in very concrete cases where it is used without control, and unlike which it thinks, it does not reduce expressivity if it is used of subtle form, but attenuates wrinkles and it gives to a youthful aspect to the face in men and women.

We are going to know a little more about Botulinum toxin:

What is does the Bótox and why serve?

The botulinum toxin isa protein that acts relaxing the muscles and that began to be used as medicine in 1980.
In aesthetic bótox it is usedto block the nervous impulses, which is translated in a reduction of the muscular contraction and consequently, the lines of expression and the wrinkles are smoothed until disappearing.

One becomes congested in very small amounts with a very fine needle in musclesof the face whose activity is excessive, to relax them, and to stump andto prevent the appearance with expression wrinkles or to smooth the static wrinkles. In Beauty & CO we patented the Softox treatmentthat is a new form to apply this toxin of smooth form and of that it is going to depend the attainment ona more natural result. The treatment with bótoxdoes not require anesthesia, is an ambulatory procedure, thatdoes not leave scars nor is painful.

In what zones it is applied?

It is possible to be applied in the forehead, entrecejo, houndstooth checks, angle of the lips, muscular cords of the neck, and other zones as hands or armpits for treatments anti perspiration.

When we see the effect and how much hard?

A session is necessary that can last 10 minutes, and the results see from trcer day, reason why the change not aprencia of blow, but progressively the wrinkles are attenuated.
The effects last between 6-8 months following the patient. It is recommended not to use it more of twice to the year not creating antibodies that annul the effect.

To what age it is recommended?

From the 30 to prevent or generally to attenuate wrinkles, but any person can use it who or has noticeable wrinkles or lines of expression.

Side effects: the feared “effect doll”

It has been spoken much of the famous ones that is lost the natural expression of their face because of bótox. This often happens byan excess in the treatment or by an application inadecuadaque produces an artificial inclination of the eyebrows. This gives rise ‘to a blocked’ look in which the patient cannot move the eyebrows and is in a loss of the face expressivity. Another artificial look that can be from the application of bótox is an eyebrow with a ‘tip’ with the very low central zone and the average portion very lifted. Also he is frequent, if it is not applied suitably, the appearance offace asymmetries(by a greater effect of the product in a portion of the face more than in another one) that can be also in partial falls of an eyelid.

In order to avoid any risk in the application of bótox all the sources that we have consulted agree in that he is indispensableto put itself into the hands of expert doctorswho work in centers and clinics of aesthetic medicine credited by the Council of Health.

How much cost does bótox?

In Beauty & Co we have the best price in Bótox in Madrid: 100€ by zone. Llámanos and surprises to you: the best prices and the best brands in revolutionary treatments.