Drawing of a treatment with Hyaluronic acid by the Mother's Day

Drawing of a treatment with Hyaluronic acid by the Mother's Day
  • What is the Hyaluronic acid?

The hyaluronic acidis a substance that is of natural way in our organism, since it comprises of numerous weaves and organs of our body as the cartilages or the own skin. Over the years, the age, genetics and bad habits,the presence of this substance is falling considerably and to the 50 years, for example, only we have left a 50% of our capital of hyaluronic acid. This causesthe loss of volume and firmnessand the appearance ofwrinkles, and therefore the aging of the skin.

Its main property is itsgreat capacity to attract and to retain the water, reason whycosmeticit has become one ofthe ingredients fetish for creams and treatments antiage. In his topical use it contributesgreat doses of hydration to the skin, in addition to giving a smoother aspect him and helping to fill up the small wrinkles and lines of expression.

Aesthetic medicine uses

The hyaluronic acid in injectable avenuesobtains, of práticamente immediate way,to give back to the skin their initial volume and to hydrate it in depth, being also improved their smoothness and luminosity. Thus, the first signs of the cutaneous aging are corrected maintaining our young skin by more time, polishes, hydrated and without flaccidity.

This is due to that the appearance of wrinkles and flaccidity associated to the passage of time takes place to a large extent by the loss of hydration in the skin that brings about the diminution of hyaluronic acid and the capacity of our organism to replace it as we become majors.

So that type of wrinkles recommends hyaluronic acid?

Zones of application
  • Contour and comisura of the lips.
  • Increase of lips and cheekbones
  • Labial or peribucales wrinkles
  • Nasogenianos furrows (lines of expression to both sides of the nose and the mouth).
  • Houndstooth checks.

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