Silky Skin: a vitamin cocktail for the face

Silky Skin: a vitamin cocktail for the face

The moment arrived for showing our better face, and nothing better than a treatment of luminosity and hydration for young or mature skins: Silky Skin.
The result? a more luminous skin, polishes, smooth, without pores neither acne and with a healthy and hydrous aspect the more.

Silky Skin: Treatment of Quality of the Skin

It is a customized treatment based on the type leather, age and characteristicsof the patient, our medical experts will advise envelope to you which needs your skin:
  1. Skin Bioestimulación: the treatment consists of harnessing the natural beauty of each patient without losing its natural expression. In order to obtain a compound of variable proportion of vitamins is used it, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, trace elements, elastin and collagen, that by means of small injections, practically painless, is applied in the face of the patient. The silicon is a very powerful element that infiltrating next to vitamins power its effect, with a powerful one to be able regenerative and recovers the elasticity of the skin.
  2. Peelings medical superficial:Later to the infiltrations differenttypes from peeling doctor following the skin and needs of the patient are realised, finishing with the application of a face maskharnessing the previous treatments, where we will be able to find 5 different models:cells mother and vitamins, aclarante, ozone, reafirmante and regenerante and of ATP with hyaluronic acid.

The result?

More beautiful and shining, luminous, hydrous and young a skin in only 20 minutes. The punctures do not notice, nor are moratones, the result is instantaneous and it will surprise to you. It is possible to be combined with other treatments as Botox, Radiesse or Hyaluronic acid.

You do not doubt it, this one is your treatment and by only 150€! This summer shows your better face;)

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