Doctor, I do not like my nose!

Doctor, I do not like my nose!

What is the Rhinoplasty?

The surgery of nasal remodeling or Rhinoplasty serves to improve the external aspect of the nose in all parts, or an excessive hump on the back (or bridge) of the nose, an excessive width of the nasal own bones or deformities in the end.

The nose has multiple components and all of them can modify to change the form, and in each person they must be analyzed one by one and plan that one surgery that provides the optimal aesthetic and functional result. The rhinoplasty must be individualized for each patient.

The nose constitutes a fundamental element of the face for the configuration of the image and the aesthetic aspect. It isimportant that she is proportionate and in harmony with the rest of the face. The nose is the first thing that draws attention,it doesfor being out of proportion in itself or with the rest of the face. The nose draws attention by “ugly”, by too great or small, by too much it widens or it narrows, or too much risen or fallen, etc. a small change can completely change to the beauty of a person improving very many the set of factions of the face.

Sometimes also one operates to correct respiratory deficiencies or deviations of partition. The nose has a very important functional aspect in the breathing and must allow the passage of the air without difficulty. While the form is corrected canbe repairedthe nasal partition, to correct deviations or obstructions that make difficult the breathing. This operation is known as septoplastia.

Rhinoplasty in Beauty & CO

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