The rhinoplasty is a very safe surgery that it takes practicing for many years. Through different techniques we can eliminate the small horse, to narrow the base of the nose or to shorten his length, among others possibilities. And everything, so that you have the nose that you want.

Why it is used?

The nose constitutes a fundamental element of the face for the configuration of the face and corporal image. It isimportant that she is proportionate and in harmony with the rest of the face. The nose never draws attention by beautiful, whenever it does is by out of proportion in itself or with the rest of the face.
The rhinoplasty must be realised withthe criterion to correct those aspects that disfigure it, that does it out of proportion or that is not in harmony with the rest of the face. The rhinoplastymust look for oneto correct its defects so that it does not draw attention, so that she is harmonic in proportions and it forms with the face in which this implanted.

In addition to its aesthetic aspect the nose has a very important functional aspect in the breathing and must allow the passage of the air without difficulty. It is frequent while the form is corrected, to repair during the rhinoplastythe partition, to correct deviations or obstructions that make difficult the breathing.
By means of this surgery of nasal remodeling the external aspect of the nose in all parts, or an excessive hump on the back (or bridge) can be improved of the nose, an excessive width of the nasal own bones or deformities in the end.

It requires hospitalization?

In the majority of the cases, the operation ofrhinoplastydoes not require hospitalization, beyond the first night. The procedure is realised under general anesthesia to have an absolute control of the respiratory process. The patient will be able to retake his habitual life, by reason for comfort, after to have retired the rule, avoiding abrupt activities during some weeks and zones of much heat as saunas to avoid that she increases the inflammation.

Post-operative cares

Aftera rhinoplasty, a recovery process beginsthat will allow to realise the daily activities two days after the intervention and to reincorporate itself to the labor activity after one week in the majority of the cases.

In the beginning of the recovery, the patient will have to wear a mask or stuccoes and some corks in the nasal orifices.

Relative rest
Not to clear bandage nor to manipulate the treated zone
Not to realise activities of physical effort and deports
Not to wash the treated zone until it has the first appointment with its doctor
Not to take the sun
Not to put in swimming pools nor saunas
To be realised the cures adapted according to rules medical
Taken care of with the abrupt blows and movements in the face
To take the medication according to rules medical


The results are definitive, although sometimes some later adjustment can be necessary. Our medical equipment has many years of experience and it will advise to youon the different aspects from the nose so that it is in agreement and harmony with your face.This concept is extremely important at the time of making a rhinoplasty, since it is not to make a nose of a concrete form, but rather correct the defects that this has, to do it proportionate and harmonic.

Duration of the procedure 1 to 2 hours
Anesthesia General or sedation
Hospitalization No
Recovery 2 to 7 days
Results 15 to 20 days


First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor

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