Rinomodelación: It changes your nose without surgery

Rinomodelación: It changes your nose without surgery
Of what it consists?

The Rinomodelaciónis a nonsurgical procedure in which face fillings become congested to secure a more symmetrical appearance in the nose. By means of precise and controlled injections, the nose will have a look more proportionate and fit to the face structure. The results are immediate and the recovery time is minimum, unlike the conventional Rhinoplasty. In a session the results are appraised.

The used fillings more are the Hyaluronic acid and the Calcic Hidroxiapatita Radiesse. The Radiesse contains a compound very similar to minerals found in the bones of the nose. On the other hand, the Hilaurónico Acid is of a smaller but perfect durability for which they are not very safe if the results they are the awaited ones.

Many forms exist to work the nose without surgery. Most common is to eliminate the small horse injecting the product in the bridge that forms between this one and the forehead. If what the patient looks for it is a smaller nose then the Rhinoplasty is the suitable treatment. In the patients who already have been made a Rhinoplasty, the fillings can be an excellent alternative to correct irregularities before returning to happen through operating room. The fillings can also be applied in points to contribute it subjection.

The Rinomodelación is the best treatment for patients than they only require a slight elevation of the end or a simple adjustment that will contribute a great change to him in the face. If it gives fear you to happen through operating room, or you prefer to see the results before he is definitive, you do not doubt more and requests appointment for the Riomodelación.

How much it lasts?

Between 8-10 months, it depends on the patient.


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