Rinomodelación, changes your nose without surgery in Beauty & Co

Rinomodelación, changes your nose without surgery in Beauty & Co

What is the Rinomodelación?

The Rinomodelación is a technique to modify the nose without needing being put under a surgery, that is to say that will be necessary neither anesthesia nor bistoury. In addition it offers a simple process, immediate and permanent results, owns recuperatorio much more simple, fast and without pain. Another one of its advantages is the price difference.

In this technique the surgeons use nonreabsorbibles substances, which are compatible with the organism and it does not produce rejection nor allergies. These substances become congested in the zone that is desired to modify, in the fins, the small horse or the end, this way it is managed to obtain a perfect nose and proportionate with the other factions and the small imperfections are corrected.

Of what the process of the Rinomodelacion consists?

It is a hardly painful technique, nevertheless the surgeon will apply to local anesthesia through a cream or spray on the nose to diminish the annoyances that the needle causes. Soon he will inject the nonreabsorbibles substances in the nose, using a very fine needle that noncause pain, but some minimum annoyances and in addition do not leave to visible scars nor brands.
The zone of the nose where the substance becomes congested will depend than it wishes to correct and the effect that wants to create the patient.

How many are sessions necessary? How long last does each of them?

Approximately 3 sessions are needed, also the correct number of these will depend on the situation of each patient. The fast sessions are very simple and each of them lasts approximately 30 minutes.

You can at any time be realised them of the day, even before your labor tasks and after finishing continuing them with them, since it does not produce any annoyance that can affect to these and it does not need rest after the process.

How long last do the results? As soon as time they are possible to be appreciated?

The results are excellent, permanent and immediate. The result lasts about 6-8 months following the patient.

How he is the post-operative one?

The patient must take correct antibiotics and she will not be able to realise sports, physical activity nor to realise efforts during 2 weeks. In the nose some will be placed sticky tapes until the product pays attention well to the nose.

The Rinomodelacion cannot diminish the size of the nose, but it will mold and correct defects so that this shines with a harmonious form with the other factions.

In case it wishes to reduce the size of the nose will have to be realised a classic rhinoplasty, whose results are permanent and the form of the nose can be reduced the size and be changed completely.


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