Rehydration and vaginal rejuvenation

Rehydration and vaginal rejuvenation
There are stages in the life of the women who cause vaginal dryness (menopause, Contraceptive Pill, postpartal, operations…). In order to solve this problem we used Hyaluronic acid, whose properties (hygroscopic effect) allow to catch water and therefore to rehidratar the vaginal mucosa solving the uncomfortable problem of the vaginal dryness.

How it is realised? Patient What are candidates to this treatment?

By means of intramucous or intraskin injections of Hyaluronic acidDesirialcross-linking for women who suffer of vulvovaginal atrophy: inconvenience, cutaneous-mucous dryness, irritations…
In the case of the mucosa (against the vaginal dryness) the injections must be realised in the sidewalls and later.
The treatment of rejuvenation with Desirial takes place of form very similar to the face fillings of injection, with previous preparation of the zone with located anesthesia.

  • Bioestimular and to rehidratar the superficial layers of the skin and the mucosa of the genital zones.
  • Rehidratar and to retonificar the skin through hygroscopic effect of injected Hyaluronic acid.
  • To recover the cutaneous trofisco.

It is a treatment of new appearance, unique in his sort until the moment, based on well-known Hyaluronic acid, but adapted specifically for the intimate zone of the woman. He is available in two gel formats developed to deal with an ample rank pathologies. He is in addition the only hyaluronic acid type approved by the EC for gynecological indications.

To whom it can benefit this treatment?

In principle it is indicated for women who undergo of vaginal dryness and symptoms related to the vaginal atrophy. Those are many middle-aged women that suffer of vaginal dryness or to vulvar before, during or after the menopause. This dryness is increased still more if it is in treatment with other drugs as antidepressants.


Not to have sexual relations until they spend two days after the treatment.


Duration of the procedure 60 minutes
Anesthesia The topical premises and
Hospitalization No
Recovery 2 hours
Results As of the 24 hours


First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor
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