Intimate surgery: reduction of smaller lips or labioplastia

Intimate surgery:reduction of smaller lips or labioplastia
According to it recognizes British the National Service of Health,in the last ten years this type of intervention is five times more frequent. In our country, and as it has been shown during the Congress of the Spanish Medicine Society Antienvejecimiento and Longevidad (Semal) celebrated in Madrid, the interventions intimate aesthetic surgery five years have been duplicated in the last. Between the demanded techniques more they arethe lipoescultura of the pubis or the mount of Venus, the vaginal narrowing, the reconstruction of the hymen or the reduction of the vaginal lips.

Who is candidate to this surgery?

It is recommended to women who for congenital reasons or other causes present vaginal lips majors or minors ofan abnormal size, asymmetric or hanging and of dark coloration the more that the rest of the mucosa.

The reasons for their remodeling are multiple as the inconvenience when dressing articles more and more fit or when taking bathroom suits. Also by annoyances during the sport practice, as mounting in bicycle or annoyances when having sexual relations. Also by an aesthetic question where the woman has complex and the size or disproportion of its vaginal lips feels uncertain by.

They can be reduced to a functional and aesthetically more normal size, without it is problematic nor annoying and without they lose his protective function or its sensitivity.

Comprising of the aesthetic unit of the smaller lips isthe hood of the clitoris. This area leather that covers the clitoris can have also a greater size of the adapted one protruyendo towards the outside as a penis. Sometimes the hood and the own clitoris are descended below their ideal place. These described circumstances can e, even, must be corrected if they are detected for being able to secure a suitable result.

Butthe aesthetic motivationis the one that it more pushes the women towards the vaginal surgery. The degree of satisfaction with the technique in 99% of the taken part ones demonstrates it.

Of what it consists?

It is an ambulatory surgery of 20 to 45 minutes of duration, with localanesthesia and sedation, but without needing hospitable entrance. Reabsorbibles points are used, although always they are some that after 10 or12 days we removed in the consultation.

The results oflabioplastiaare permanent, without perceivable scars and more of 95% of the patients they are declared satisfied with them. The smaller lips are places setting by the majors totally and the aesthetic result is very satisfactory

After the operation, it is normal that there is inflammation and it can bleed a little first the 2 or 3 days. Sport will not be able to be practiced at least during 3 weeks and any type of sexual relation will be due to avoid during six weeks. The scar will become imperceptible after two or three months.

It is a safe and highly satisfactory surgery with little risk of anomalous healing and infections or hematomas.

Price: 1.500€