The women look for the harmony with the rest of the body: attractive, aesthetically firm breasts and with a size not excessively great. The breast is important from the aesthetic and physiological point of view and has a fundamental function in maternal lactation.

The mammary development finalizes in the puberty but, sometimes, the mammary increase appears later and of exaggerated form. The excessive mammary volume can cause to important upheavals as dermatitis underneath the sines due to the rubbing, backaches, diminution of mammary sensitivity, problems to conciliate the dream, inadequate positions, brands of shoulder braces, striae and, mainly, the disagreement with the own image. The psychological problems important are associated with a great and excessively fallen chest.Mamoplastia of reduction is a surgical technique that allows to reduce volume and to elevate the breasts effectively, giving them to the wished form and turgencia.

Of what it consists?

This surgery reduces the fat, the glandular weave and the skin of the chest, doing it smaller, slight and signs. Also the areola can be reduced, the dark weave that surrounds the nipple. The objective is to be able to give to the woman more a provided smaller chest and to the rest of measures of its body. In this cirgía is essential a personal valuation on the part of our medical equipment, since each case presents some characteristic different and a preoperative study is due to do.

Who are candidates to this operation?

This surgical procedure is indicated in cases of gigantomastia orwhen the patient looks for a reduction of the volume of his breasts by aesthetic reasons or health. In Beauty & Co we have operating rooms and own rooms to comfort of our patients.

Which is the result?

The breasts will acquire the size wished in addition to having fime and a more turgescent aspect, stopping supposing their size a psychological problem andin the daily life of the patient.

Duration of the procedure 3 to 4 hours
Anesthesia General
Hospitalization 1 day
Recovery 20 days
Results Immediate
First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor
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