10 uses and advantages of Radiesse in Beauty & Co Madrid

10 uses and advantages of Radiesse in Beauty & Co Madrid

This treatment has the great advantage of not requiring allergy tests since its compound,Hidroxiapatita de Calcio,find of natural way in our body. These particles are dissolved in a gelatinous solution that is the one that is administered to the patient when it is put under a treatment of Radiesse.

Why used is Radiesse?

  1. You fold nasolabiales: Deep wrinkles or simply lines that arise around the mouth and the nose.
  2. Lines of expression
  3. Lines of marionette: They are those wrinkles (lines or furrows following the marked thing that is in the skin) which they are born in the comisura of the lip and finish in the chin and that leaves to us mainly when laughing to us.
  4. Rejuvenation of hands, for those people whose work already punishes much its hands or the passage of time has made damage in them.
  5. Wrinkles perioculares: houndstooth checks and other wrinkles around the eye.
  6. Wrinkles in the cheeks.
  7. It folds of the chin.
  8. Chin.
  9. Outlined labial: Also Radiesse for the wrinkles is used that appear in the part superior of the lip and that is resembled a “bar code”.
  10. Mandibular face and outlined oval: in order to mark the angle of the jaw and to outline the face oval so that it is more masculine and sexy.

Advantages and benefits of Radiesse

  1. Rejuvenation from the first session and natural appearance
  2. Immediateand lastingresults effect LIFTING.
  3. Radiesse stimulates the collagen production of natural way.
  4. Fast and hardly painful treatment, approximately around 15-20 minutes.
  5. Less injections than with other fillings are needed.
  6. Its composition is absolutely natural, reason why it is almost reduced in a 100% risk to suffer an allergic reaction.
  7. Natural results
  8. It does not require recovery
  9. It is realised of ambulatory form without operating room nor anesthesia
  10. Its price is low in comparison with the surgeries of lifting.