Questions and answers on the mammary increase

Questions and answers on the mammary increase
The chest is one of the most attractive parts of the woman, and the increase of chest one of the interventions more asked for by the Spanish women. Also different techniques (increase, reduction, rise of chest) and types from prothesis exist (round, anatomical, rough) that will be the surgeon who advises to you based on your particular case.

Which are the operating studies pre?

Before realising a surgery of mammary increase it is necessary that a complete examination becomes of breasts and the complete study of the patient: its medical history, a evaluacióncardiológica, x-ray of thorax and complete analysis of blood. The doctors take preoperative photos and they analizarlan them with the patient to evaluate together how it will be that looked for result.

Which are the places by which the prothesis is introduced?

The increase of breasts is realised by means of the inclusion of prótesismamarias of highly cohesive silicone gel, by the areolarinferior route or the submammary furrow. To choose between both route deabordaje basically as large as depends the areola, how thus tambiéndel desire of the patient. In small areolas, smaller to 3 centímetrosde diameter, disables the positioning of prothesis by this route, because the protésico diameter is greater. In the majority of laspacientes, the resulting scars are easily disimulables, yaque hide in the change of mammary coloration of areola-skin odentro of the submammary furrow. Both routes allow the amamantamientoposterior, not interfering for anything with the same.

Lost is sensitivity by via areolar?

The answer is no. Can exist - as much by one or the other transitory route-alterations of sensitivity that are standardized to cortoplazo and must to the initial oedema of the breasts post surgery.

Which are the different types from prothesis and which agrees to use?

Different mammary types of prothesis exist: smooth, texturizadas or depoliuretano, round or anatomical. He will depend on the form of the chest of the patient to use some or others. As far as the profiles, they can be low, high or extra-high. The election depends on the anatomy of each patient: when this one owns a fine skin, with little mammary weave and loss of the pole superior, the ideal is to place the prothesis partially behind the pectoral muscle to obtain smooth a more natural result and prothesis. In the plane to retroglandular, is more recommendable the prothesis use texturizadas.

So large What to choose?

The election depends on the desire of the patient and the suggestion of the surgeon. It is necessary to consider previous the volume and the volume of prothesis mammary to place: thus we cancalculate in approximate form the final size.

How it is the surgery?

The hard operation between one and two hours. General anesthesia is realised generally although it will depend on the type of intervention, since antestesia local or sedation can be used.

How it is the post operating?

Annoyances can be felt during the first 2-3 days, and the discharge can be given the hours of the operation on the following day or. The initial recovery is of 7 to 15 days and is total as of the first month. During the rest, in the first postoperative days, it is very important to maintain the arms in rest to obtain a buenamejora and healing. The ejercico or activities is due to avoid that suppose physical effort until the complete healing.
During the first 20 days the controls are continuous, soon are due to carry out annual controls.