The size or the position of the ears, mainly when they present the small puff form are an aesthetic problem that can until mining the self-esteem of some people. The correction of this problem is carried out through otoplastia, a simple operation that hides the resulting scar behind the ear. It can be realised until in children as of five years. With this intervention we obtained the symmetry and reduction as large as the ears so that they are in harmony with the face.

How realised this is intervention?

First a previous study will be made in which the surgeon will decide the anesthesia type following the age of the patient, the intervention can be realised under local anesthesia and sedation and the stay in the clinic are of a few hours.
The incision usually is realised behind the ear, leaving therefore a practically invisible scar. From this incision the surgeon remodels the cartilage causing that is folded in the suitable sites, reduces to the depth of the shell and parched leftover skin, if he creates it necessary.

The result of the intervention is permanent and it does not modify with the course of the years, sometimes they are necessary adjustments and the complications or are cutaneous or of the cartilage they are exceptional. The scars usually remain reddish the first six months, to begin to clarify itself and to disguise itself as of this date. The previous face of the ear (although it does not take scars) must protect of the sun with protectors both first months to avoid the hyperpigmentation and to favor that it lowers the inflammation before.

It is necessary to enter clinic?

The intervention is realised with local anesthesia and sedation, of ambulatory form. The intervention lasts approximately one hour, and the dwell time in the clinic usually is of one more hour. In any case one does not register to a patient until demonstrating a complete recovery.

Post-operative indications

  • Habitually a bandage is placed that perfectly models each part of the ear to allow him to cure in its correct situation. Once retired usually he is advisable to at night take a tennis tape during a month to avoid that during the dream the ear is folded forwards.
  • It will have to take a bandage during 2 or 3 days, the ears slightly remain inflamed during about 5 days.
  • The points retire to the 15-20 days.
  • It must take a tape during a month to only sleep that it occludes the ears to him to avoid that when turning the head during the dream can still fold the ear in healing.
Duration of the procedure 90 minutes
Anesthesia The premises/sedation
Hospitalization No
Recovery 2 to 7 days
Results Immediate


First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor

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