Shock waves to eliminate cellulitis without brands nor pain

Shock waves to eliminate cellulitis without brands nor pain
Many we are the women who we underwent the hated cellulitis, although some men do not get rid either of her. The ceulitis is an inflammation of soft weaves, accumulation of the fatty weave in the form of nodules of fat and toxins, affecting so much to the dermis as to the subcutaneous weave. The well-known “skin of orange” is one of the effects brought about by the cellulitis, that is pronounced in the form of irregularities in the skin.

It does not have why to be associate to the overweight, since there are very thin people who suffer of cellulitis. In beauty & Co we have one of the most innovating and effective treatments of the USA: X-Wave: the shock waves. This treatment has demonstrated to be most effective to eliminate the cellulitis without happening through operating room and in a few sessions, and the best thing of everything: it does not leave moratones nor visible brands.

The shock wavesliterally “break” the celulíticos nodules, allowing the elimination ofthe skin of orangein 95% of the cases.

It is applied with a species of hydraulic hammer, that applies to a certain number of impulses or firings on the affected zone. The waves brought about by the shock against the skin break the structure ofthe macronodulesand nextthe micronodules. For that reason decirmos that crushes or crushesthe cellulitis, eliminating it in almost the 100% of the cases.

In addition,the shock wavesact on nervous fibers of the pain, reducing it and releasing endorfinas; they increase to the cellular metabolism of the zone, causing the regeneration of weaves; and they reduce to the inflammation improving the circulation in the treated area.

This last aspect is especially interesting in the case ofthe cellulitis, because, once broken the fat nodules, restore the circulation to the blood vessels and lymphatic, allowing the elimination of that fat by means of the urine.

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