Mesoterapia to eliminate fat located in Beauty & Co

Mesoterapia to eliminate fat located in Beauty & Co

What is the mesoterapia?

The Mesoterapia consisteen the injection in the skin of microscopic amounts of natural extracts, homeopathic pharmaceuticals, agents, as well as vitamins. The doctor will decide the mix of appropriate substances to secure the objective of the patient based on his fat type.

He is effective for the elimination of the cellulitis, to promote the loss of weight, in many cases also is even used as treatment antiaging of the skin, as well as to treat the flaccidity and to as much rejuvenate the area of the neck and the hands. In the case of the aging the substances that infiltrate are collagen, vitamins etc.

Benefits of the mesoterapia

Since liposuction does not treat the cellulitis, the mesoterapia has become the used alternative treatment more.

This technique has the particularitity which it deals with the cellulitis directly promoting a smoother skin, apart from which it helps with the fat reduction in specific areas. These fat deposits drain of the body and they do not return to appear in other zones, which with frequently happens to liposuction.
Another one of the advantages of the mesoterapia is that it does not require of hospitalization, anesthesia nor period of recovery.

In fact the mesoterapia treats three key factors that take part in the formation of the cellulitis since one is created formulates specific that has as objective the reduction of the fat of the cellulitis, even improving the circulation and breaking the damaged connective weave, smoothing consequently the surface of the skin.

How many times I have to do mesoterapia to me?

The one in charge to value the necessary sessions in each case will be the doctor, although the ideal is a session per week in the period of beginning and as it improves to do one of weekly maintenance. The effectiveness will increase if it is combined with sessions of specific aparatología as éxilis and shock waves, along with diet and deports. Thus we will avoid that it returns to appear.

Side effects

It does not present visible side effects nor brands. It is possible that people with bad circulation have some hematoma that will disappear in 3-4 days.