It improves your profile with the increase of chin in Beauty & Co

It improves your profile with the increase of chin in Beauty & Co
In the increase of chin we have two possibilities:
  • - Material of filling reabsorvibles
Materials of face filling as Radiesse (Calcic Hidroxiapatita) and Hyaluronic acid are used, to mold and to fill up the chin in agreement with the looked for proportions.
It is realised of ambulatory form, without anesthesia nor sedation, in a hardly painful session and.
The results vary according to the patient, but they last around 8 months. It is a solution for the patients who do not dare to happen through operating room and want to see the result before, or want to improve his profile without spending the money of an operation that more is lifted.

  • - Permanent prothesis
The increase of chin is realised permanently in operating room with a prothesis, whose material will depend on the criterion of the surgeon. Usually it lasts one hour approximately.
Another option isthe surgery of chin reductionis a procedure thatreformsthe contour of the bone of the zone of the chin in which it modifies the height and the width of the bone to improvethe face profileof the patient and to obtain a balance ofthe face structure.

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