The fall of the sines and its loss of elasticity are one more of the effects of the age, the genetics, the gravity, abrupt changes of weight or lactation. Luckily it has solution. Thanks to the elimination of the leftover skin of the chests we were able to raise them and to give a more youthful aspect them. Through this intervention also we can diminish the size of the aureole.

Who are candidates for one mastopexia?

The presence of some fallen chests can be the cause of preoccupation, malaise and even of depression and anxiety for many women. The ideal candidates for this surgical treatment are the people whose areola and nipple are below the level of the inframammary furrow. Through this intervention also we can reduce the size of the aureole.

How she is realised?

The rise can be realised with you implant and without you implant, following the characteristics and preferences of each patient.
The rise with implants will be realised concretely in which in addition to the reduction presents a great loss of volume, since you implant them mammary are indicated for the increase of volume and it does not stop the rise. Following the case, the surgery will consist of mastopexia or it will be combined with you implant of increase mammary. An evaluation on the part of our medical equipment is necessary to value the case.


Mastopexia is realised generally of ambulatory form although sometimes the hospitalization is necessary during 24 or 48 hours. The anesthesia used in the majority of the cases is locorregional and sedation or general anesthesia. The duration of the intervention usually is of 2 to 3 hours being able to vary in function to the anesthesia type that has been used, to the used technique and the own physiology of the breasts.
The techniques used in this operation are varied according to the case:they are identified by the type of scar that leaves in the skin: scar to periareolar pure, scar in invested T, scar in J or L and vertical scar. The election of one or the other technique will be a decision that will take the surgeon according to its own preferences and from the characteristics of the breasts.


An aspect signs and turgescent, youthful and more aesthetic. It improves the self-esteem of the patient and the security in itself.

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Duration of the procedure 3 hours
Anesthesia Sedation
Hospitalization No
Recovery 20 days
Results Immediate

Mastopexia: 4,500 Euros
Mastopexia + Prothesis: 5,000 Euros

First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor
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