Beautiful and always young hands

Beautiful and always young hands
Our face monopolizes treatments, well-taken care of most of and creams, whereas the hands are the great ones forgotten and we do not give the necessary cares them.

To have some taken care of hands, is necessary if we want to stop the clock and to avoid the passage of the years: lack of hydration, small wounds, harshness, or simply small spots that are appearing over the years… They are some of the problems that are pronounced frequently in the hands of many women, and who without a doubt we want to put brake.

Advice to rejuvenate our hands

- To usea moisturizer as daily habit
- To realise several sessions ofpeelingscan be the solution to the small spots produced by exhibition to the sun or that are appearing with the age.
- To avoid to deal with chemical agents without protection. The majority of products of cleaning of the home is harmful for our hands, for that reason to use some specific gloves, will help us to protect our hands of these injurious products.
- The cold causes cracks and problems in the hands, that are translated in the aging of the same, for that reason always we recommended to cover them with gloves to protect them of the low temperatures in winter.
- To be careful and to take equipment adapted in the case of realising sports that have in the hands their main protagonist as the basketball, weights or the scaling.
- The tobacco is harmful for all our organism, including the hands. Diverse studies have demonstrated the incidence of cigarettes in the aspect of the hands.

Radiesse and Hyaluronic acid to hydrate in depth our hands

To inject Radiesse in our hands rejuvenates its aspect falling wrinkles and in addition it hydrates them in depth, rejuvenating its aspect.

â„¢(hidroxiapatita calcic) in the back, obtaining an aspect young, hydrated and long play (1.5 years approximately) and withmicroinjections ofHyaluronic acid in the back of the hands to produce a hidratante effect and an increase of the thickness of tegido subskin thanks to the capacity to retain water of hyaluronic acid.

An avenue by hand is needed, it takes control of local anesthesia and a massage occurs so that the product extends well.
The price is of 300€, better guaranteed price and the best products of the market.

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