Especially designed to fight the oedematous component the cellulitis, the presoterapia is a medical treatment that uses air pressure to improve the lymphatic drainage.
Rotation between pressure and decompression stimulates the circulation significantly which favors the lymphatic drainage facilitating the elimination of toxins and liquids (volume) which affects two of the multiple factors that produce the cellulitis: toxins and retention (oedema).
These changes of pressure (positive-negative) are applied by means of some bedspreads or boots and are alternated of ascending and sequential way, producing waves of pressure-decompression on legs, arms and abdomen. It produces a reducing effect immediate and detox to medium term.
And Co is a totally painless procedure and in the case of Beauty. the software of the program allows to individualize the treatment according to the needs of each patient.
LYNFATISM is of BTL, an American company whose division of aesthetic is one of most revolutionary in anti-aging, corporal contour, flaccidity, located superficial fat and cellulitis. Established 1993, Industries BTL have become one of the manufacturing majors of doctor-aesthetic aparatología. All the devices have been certificates by ISO 1348, the Canadian CMDCAS, the European EC and FDA American.
They are safe, trustworthy and effective. Scientifically demonstrated and clinically tried.