The 5 better exercises to lose weight and to tone

The 5 better exercises to lose weight and to tone
  1. Bicycle and spinning:she isone of the most complete activities to prevent backaches, to protect joints, to improve the immune system and the circulatory one. The loss of weight takes place based on the resistance and the speed that you take: to more resistance you will tone more and lose more weight.You can do it in the classes of spinning or by your accountenjoying the nature
  2. Running:the fashionable sport at the moment and in addition, does not cost money. In addition tobecoming thin, it improves the cardiorespiratory system, it reduces the risk of contracting diseases, fortifies the bones,it fightsthe cellulitis, help to eliminate stress and to avoid the anxiety. At the outset it costs, but is necessary it are put small goals every day increasing time and distance of route. We at the outset recommended that you begin running average horita daily and you are increasing the rate, to a slower rate and every day increasing slightly speed.
  3. Crossfit:he is a type of training of functional exercises, constantly varied, of high intensity.Help to burn very many caloriessince she is one of the activities more complete than we can realise. It tones muscles intensely and it defines them when working exercises of repetitions with weight. The ideal is to always better practice it 2 or 3 times per week and under the supervision of a trainer.
  4. Weights:with this exercise many parts of the body can be worked, and is ideal to define and to tone. Varying the weight and the repetitions we can look for to derfinir (low weight and many repetitions) or to increase the size of the muscle (much weight and few repetitions). The ideal is to do it minimum 3 times per week.
  5. It hums:The fashionable class par excellence in the gymnasiums, since in addition to being very funny it allows to burn between 500-600 calories by class. It combines passages of dances of regueton, bachata, sauce, aerobics etc, in different choreographies. In addition to molding your body you will learn to dance, you do not lose it to you!

If in addition to making exercise, you combine with a diet heals and suitable for you you will obtain incredible results. Ponte into the hands of our expert dieticians and coach to obtain your customized diet:

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