The 3 aesthetic treatments more demanded by the men

The 3 aesthetic treatments more demanded by the men

According to the Spanish Society of Repairing Plastic Surgery and Estética (SECPRE), the 12% of the interventions of aesthetic surgery that are realised in Spain correspond to masculine patients. They want turns better and take care of their image more and more, and for that reason they bet by the medicine and the aesthetic surgery, in which Beauty & Co we are matchless number 1 by our quality and prices.

hair 1.Injertos:

The baldness is one of the problems that worry to the men more, and sometimes appears in complex very early ages causing, lacking of self-esteem and social problems. There are different degrees from baldness and they will be the doctor the one that will value the case of personal form in each patient to choose the most suitable technique and with the most optimal results

In Beauty & Co we used the two more pioneering and effective techniques of the market: Technique Was and Technical Fuss.
Both techniques provide excellent and lasting results.

2. Goodbye to the lines of expression and wrinkles:

Like the women the men also take care of their face more and more with creams, vitamins and want to reduce to the typical arruguitas of expression and age that appear in the contour of eyes, in front, nasogeniano furrow etc. Effective and little painful the application of hyaluronic acid and botox, whose application is fast, is asked for.

The results totally see 2-3 weeks, reason why the change is not radical and allows that people do not appreciate the change from one day to the next. The effect lasts between 4-6 months and 20-30 takes about minutes in each session.

In Beauty & Co we have patented the Softox technique, that consists of the application of botox of form subtle and controlled to avoid the effect of loss of expression, and having rejuvenated the face right away.One is botox to the letter, the taste of the consumer and using anyone of three official toxins of the market:Bocouture, Vistabel or Azzalure

3. Face vitamins:

It consists of infiltrating with a small needle vitamins, collagen, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid etc,that hydrate in depth the skin and give an instantaneous luminosity. It does not leave brands and the result is a well-taken care of and younger skin. The men want to give a well-taken care of aspect and with a beautiful skin, reason why this treatment is causing rage among them.

Our method Silky Skin obtains a face without spots, brightness, acne, fine wrinkles, pores and with a healthy, hydrous, bright, luminous aspect and uniforms.And all this obtains with the periodic accomplishment of peelings superficial doctors (alpha and beta-hidroxiácidos),skin bioestimulación (face vitamins), veils or masks (hidratantes, tensile, nutritious, etc.) and specific domiciliary dermocosmética.Without period of recovery and effects nonwished.Guaranteed satisfaction.


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