Liposuction in glutei, legs and abdomen to eliminate fat

Liposuction in glutei, legs and abdomen to eliminate fat

Of what liposuction or lipoescultura consists?

One is an operation that is realised in operating room under general, local anesthesia or sedation (based on the indications of the surgeon and the case). In Beauty & CO we have operating rooms and own rooms for our patients.

The process consists of located the fat extraction (woven fatty)using instrumental a special, small hollow rod called cannula, connected to a machine of emptiness or a special syringe, according to the case, and realising numerous tunnels in the area previously marked.

A small incision is realised in which introduces the cannula, that the surgeon moves between the located greasy deposits under the skin, breaking the fat and sucking it; and sometimes it is necessary to realise additional incisions to eliminate all the fat deposits. These incisions of pequeó so large usually are located in you fold or regions where they are difficult to see so that they are not appraised after his healing.

The operationusually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, but the time is variable, following the area and the amount of fat that is necessary to extract, being necessary in most extensive someday of entrance.


After the intervention water drains under the skin can be placed during 2 or 3 days to diminish the possibility that fluids are accumulated, and a compressive bandage is used or wraps, according to the treated area, to control the swelling and bleeding and to help the skin to adapt to the new contour.

It will be necessary to take it during 2 or 3 weeks, after which, and following the instructions of his plastic surgeon, it will take them only during the day during some weeks the more. In order to prevent the infection also the antibiotic use is common.

The results ofa liposuction are not right after the surgery; then the zone will be fan due to the excess of flowed that administrany with hematomas. It will be necessary to hope some weeks or tables to see the final result, following the amount of extracted fat.
The pain can be alleviated with the medication prescribed by its plastic surgeon and soon it will recover the sensitivity that, in some cases, is lost in the treated zone.

One is not due to realise intense activities during 2 to 4 weeks. The points will be retired between the 5 and 10 days, being able to at the most realise the normal activity 2 weeks after the intervention, according to the extension ofliposuction. The swelling and the hematomas will disappear in first or the second month; nevertheless, a minimum inflammation can stay somemonths.

Patient What are candidates for a liposuction?

It has to make clear that liposuction is not an alternative to solve the obesity. The ideal is that the candidates to be put under a liposuction are patient healthy, with a normal weight and located excesses of fat. Most important to obtain an optimal result it is to own a firm skin and elastic, since the skin that “hangs” not will be redistributed on the new corporal contour and could require some additional surgical procedure to eliminate its excess.

It is contraindicatedif a recent surgery in the zone has had to try, if bad circulation in her is had or if cardiac or respiratory problems are suffered. The surgery of liposuctioncan be realised of life in any stage from youth to the mature age.


1 zone1,700 €
2 3,000zones€
3 zones (it completes)3,500€

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