Liposuction or lipoescultura is a surgical procedure that is used, when there is no contraindication, to eliminate the deposits of fat located in different parts from the body, of fast and effective form,and to remodel different zonesas they can be the cartridge holders, abdomen, double chin, arms, knees and back. In addition it allows to remodel the figure.
Our experts of Beauty & Co will realise a customized study of your case, fat type and they will recommend the most suitable procedure to your needs.

In what cases it is adapted to practice a liposuction?

It is an excellent treatment of the located fat accumulations that disappear neither with the strict diet nor with the exercise for people without overweight. It is not a treatment for the obesity nor replaces nutritional programs of loss of weight
It contributes some excellent results as long as the recommendations of the doctors are followed, as much in the post operating as in the life habits after the operation, so that the results stay in the time: physical exercise, healthful diet, to avoid the alcohol etc.

What evaluate our expertsbefore the surgery?

In the first visit it is come to realisean exhaustive medical history (lifestyle, previous diseases, operations,weight, medications, allergies, etc.), to discard special contraindications or precautions that must be adopted and to value if it is possible to conduct the operationwith the maximum security. In addition it is realised a detailed exploration and measurement of the zones to also deal with and of the state the skin. It is an essential study because, sometimes, when a great flaccidity or descolgamiento of the skin exists, only with liposuction a good result cannot be obtained and is necessary to combine it with other procedures.

Of what this surgery consists?

The intervention consists of extracting the fat, after preparing it suitably, doing some small incisions in the skin by means of some connected fine cannulas to a sterile device of aspiration. Liposuction is realised in our own operating rooms. This intervention can be realised of ambulatory form, or can be necessary the entrance, based on the extension and the type of anesthesia that is precise.If the amount of fat that is going away to eliminate is not important in relation to its corporal size and its state of health, it can be realised with local anesthesia and sedation. In Beauty & Co also we have our own rooms to our patients.
The timeof the intervention varies based on the amount and the zones to try, but it oscillates approximately between 1 and 2 hours.

Post-operative cares

When finalizing the interventionis placed a strip to control the inflammation and to diminish the risk of hematomas. This wayhelp to the skin to conform itself to the new contour. It is necessary approximately to take the strip during a month. It is recommended not to realise activities that suppose physical effort and deportsduring 2-4 weeks, nor to set out the zones taken part to the sun. The incorporation to the labor activity can be almost immediate, or after 1 or 2 weeks, based on the extension of the liposuction and the type of work.

When appraised are the results?

The definitive result is obtained passed some months, although the month the change in the silhouette begins to be very perceivable. It is necessary to consider that the zone is inflamed and must be lowering little by little.

Duration of the procedure 1 hour by zone
Anesthesia The premises with sedation
Hospitalization No
Recovery 2 to 3 days
Results As of 1 month


First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor
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