Lifting face is the best solution to obtain an integral rejuvenation of the face. In summary, one is to make a streching of all the skin, being heightened cheekbones and cheeks and acting on the houndstooth checks and other wrinkles of expression. According to the needs it can be completed with other treatments.

Of what it consists?

The face intervention of lifting is used to obtain to firmness in the face and neck and to provide to the person a younger and attractive aspect and to avoid the sensation of a tense or stretched face, always looking for that the result is natural and that the intervention does not notice. In Beauty & Co we always looked for the naturalness, since we thought that a conducted good operation is that one that not unnatural note.
In the first place we will have to know the medical history the patient with a customized study with a complete exploration being determined weaves, the volumes, the light and the shades of the face, the proportions and the general harmony of the face. The technique consists of replacing the muscular layers and the skin retiring the leftover weave.

The face technique of lifting not always requires hospitalization. It is realised under sedation with local anesthesia. The patient will notice an inflammation that wrath disappearing abruptly during one week, the average of time in which the patient will be able to return to the activities of life daily.

Patient What are candidates to this operation?

This is a technique recommended in those patients with flaccidity and cutaneous descolgamiento.


As result the face is smooth and full of youth, maintaining the expression and the game of natural gesticulation.
Duration of the procedure 3 to 4 hours
Anesthesia The premises with sedation
Hospitalization No
Recovery 2 to 3 days
Results 30 to 60 days
First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prewritten medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor

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