The 10 operations of aesthetic surgery more demanded by the women

The 10 operations of aesthetic surgery more demanded by the women
Increase of chest

It is the operation of asked for plastic surgery more anywhere in the world. Although an ideal age does not exist to be increased the chest, is not recommendable to do it before the 18 years, since the body has still not been developed completely.


One is an operation that helps to mold and to give form to the body. It consists of eliminating fat accumulations of the wished zones and putting them in another place to gain volume, as the glutei or the legs, or simply to eliminate it.


One is more about one of the asked for operations, but also most complicated. To harmonize the size of the nose with the factions of the face requires that it takes control of an expert. Also the rinomodelación without surgery exists.

Face rejuvenation

This is the sum of different surgeries that are realised on the face and the neck to rejuvenate the aspect of the patient. The best thing to do enters it the 45 and the 50 years so that the aging is not made patent so, since more age the change would be seen too drastic and the idea is that the results are most natural possible. Other options as botox, Radiesse and Hyaluronic acid avoid to happen through operating room.


One is a very popular surgery between those women who have been mothers and who do not want to return to be it. The excess leather of the abdominal zone retires and it stretches to leave it flat.

Increase of glutei

Although it is possible to be realised through you implant, at present the demanded intervention more is the lipoinyección, that consists of increasing the glutei with the same fat of the patient. A new treatment is by means of hyaluronic acid, that lasts about 18 months. He is most recommendable to avoid problems in the future.


Although initially it seems that one is an operation to rejuvenate the eyelids, the certain thing is that many women make it to eliminate the fallen pouches and eyelids. Consequently, the habitual age is between the 35 and 40 years.

Elevation of the eyebrows

This procedure consists of elevating the forehead so that the face seems younger t to correct the fallen eyebrows. It can be realised by aging, but also by genetic questions.

The ears

It is realised in people who too much have the taken off ears of the head. Unlike the rest of interventions, it can become in the childhood.

Vaginal rejuvenation

One is an operation that it looks for to improve the aspect of the genitals by outside. Normally women resort to her who have been mothers, who by genetics are unwillingly with the appearance of the same or because a drastic loss of weight has taken place.