Sensual and fleshy lips with hyaluronic acid

Sensual and fleshy lips with hyaluronic acid

What results are obtained with the increase of lips?

Thanks to Hyaluronic acid several things in the lips can be corrected:

  • Disproportions
  • Asymmetries
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lips

It is not an operation, but a material of stuffed is used that is natural in our body and that disappears to the 6 months. One infiltrates with a small needle, and local anesthesia is used so that he is hardly painful.
Unlike the permanent materials of filling that were used before, the Hyaluronic acid does not leave sediments that over the years form ugly bulks or deformities in the lips due to the gravity. This it is reabsorviendo little by little until disappearing, for that reason it is an option very good to increase the lips without danger.

The form and the size will be spoken with the doctor, and will depend on the expectations on the patient and the form on its lips the result that will be obtained. In Beauty & Co we looked for the naturalness and the balance in the face, by means of a subtle increase that does not change the factions but it contributes to sensual volume and proportion.

One first session will become and past one week or two that lowers the inflammation will become to consultation so that a small adjustment is valued either to increase slightly the more, since the inflammation is remarkable during the first week but soon it lowers much and the final result is appraised.

“Post-operative” of increase of lips

The patient can be reincorporated immediately to his normal life, and she is recommended to apply local cold to avoid the inflammation. Also according to the patient it is possible that they appear hematomas, reason why Trombocid can be applied. It is recommended not to smoke in the first 24-48 hours after the infiltrations.

The doctor will realise massages in the zone to avoid that bulks of the material form, although is possible that he appears some will disappear in the first weeks.

It is essential that the doctor opens the product in front of the patient, to see that everything is sterile and new. In Beauty & Co we used Hyaluronic acid of the best brands and quality: Glytone, Restylane and Belotero.

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