Labioplastia: it reduces and it improves the aspect of the vaginal lips

Labioplastia: it reduces and it improves the aspect of the vaginal lips

Labioplastia is the surgerythat manages to finish with the most intimate complexes of the woman, and allows to correct the excess of length or thickness in the lips smaller or majors, to give a rejuvenated aspect more to the vagina. Improvement much the self-esteem and the sexual life of the women, supposing a change at important emotional level.

Habitually the woman who resorts to an aesthetic clinic in search of information on labioplastia, is of an age betweenthe 35 and 55 years, although there are cases of minors who have this aesthetic problem and the Social Security free corrects it when considering itself a malformation problem that creates complexes. In this lapse of age it is when the consequences of the pregnancies and the corresponding childbirth are taken place more, medical treatments with genetic hormones, factors or harmful activities for the zone.

Types of labioplastia
  • Labioplastia of smaller lips:this intervention consists of reducing the smaller lips, because with time they have been losing his original form and size, being able to be uncomfortable as much aesthetic as physically. It can be consequence of some of the factors that before we analyzed, as for example giving light.
  • Labioplastia of lips majors: The patient at issue decides to increase to his lips majors, with the purpose of obtaining a more aesthetic result in his intimate zone. This intervention will carry out injecting in the vaginal lips hyaluronic acid.

The intervention and the process of recovery

This process consists ofa smaller surgery, where the magnitude of the changes is going to depend totally on the objectives wished by the patient. A woman can wish one labioplastia by different reasons as: Nonconformity with the aspect of its parts,genetic factors, after giving light,aging of the reproductive organsand accidents or injuries.

The common cases but oflabioplastiaare where it looks forto reduce the size of the smaller lipsor to change his aspect, is an ambulatory process where local anesthesia is applied. The process can last a pair of hours and the time is going to depend specifically on the type ofaesthetic modificationthat being this realised.

The patient will be able to reincorporate himself immediately to the daily life although she will have to abstain to maintain sexual relations minimum a month or two to avoid that the points are opened and she becomes infected. This time will vary according to the maginitud of the surgery and the indications of the doctor.

It is a merely aesthetic intervention but some women affirm that they have managed to perceivean increase in sensitivity during the relationsand others think that this procedure improves the quality of life of the woman in the social and personal aspects.

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