Vaginal aesthetic surgery: it reduces the size of your smaller lips (labioplastia)

Vaginal aesthetic surgery: it reduces the size of your smaller lips (labioplastia)

Labioplastia is a surgical procedure destined aesthetically to change the appearance of the smaller lips of the vagina, or to reconstruct them, to shorten them or to modify its aspect.
Sometimes to have the very long smaller lips can bring about annoyances during the sexual act, and difficulty to even reach the orgasm when the clitoris is obstruído byan excess leather.
Also it creates self-esteem problems because it brings about an ugly aspect with clothes of bathroom or very fit, and disfigures the aspect of the vagina. Usually it gets worse over the years, with the childbirths or hormones.

The age average to which a woman resorts to one labioplastía is between the 35 and 55 years. In cases in which these symptoms are very marked in the adolescence it is possible to be resorted to the Social Security to correct it.
It can be realised along with other interventions to improve the genitals, as with a vaginoplasty.

Who are the ideal candidates for Labioplastia?
  1. Inconvenience when noticing aesthetic malformations in its most important genitals or that they are functional:Annoyance, irritation or pain when practicing sports by frictions of the external genitals against the clothes
  2. Pain when having sexual relations
  3. Patient shylywhen noticing long or asymmetric vaginal lips and vulva when using fit or sport clothes
  4. Difficulty or incapacity to reach the orgasm by obstruction of the clitoris.
  5. Problems to obtain a correct intimate hygiene, mainly during the menstruation.

Post operating

It is of fast recovery and it is not necessary to remain entered in the clinic after the intervention. The points are generally reabsorvibles.
  1. To slowly walk especially the first day of the surgery of labioplastia
  2. To avoid sports while the points or abrupt activities are had
  3. to keep rest during 1 week
  4. not to have sexual relations during the following 30days ofrecovery ofthe surgeryof labioplastia
  5. to avoid to cycle to horse or during 30 days
  6. not to drink any food that contains caffein
  7. to consume abundant water drunknatural
  8. to increase the consumption of vitamin C
  9. richprotein diet
  10. to avoid the carbonated drink consumption
  11. not to drink liquor during the recovery of the surgery of labioplastia
  12. to maintain a suitable hygiene
  13. not to remain many hours seated during the first week
  14. to avoid too much fit intimate articles
  15. to avoid to later bathe in swimming pools or rivers by several weeks the surgery of labioplastia

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