Technical graft of hair FUSS

Technical graft of hair FUSS
Technique FUSS(Follicular Unit Transplantation) or technique ofextraction of stripis little invasive a surgical procedure that is realised under local anesthesia and that can cover ample areas with natural and surprising results.

Of what the informative consultation consists on hair transplant FUSS?

Informative consultation NPC the patient one on hair graft is necessary as much for a correctindication of micrograft of hairas explaining to our patientsthe real expectations of result.

Two scales of measurement of the degree of baldness in men and women exist: Norwood (for men) and Ludwing (for women).

Of what technique FUSS consists?

Although in principle all the patients can be candidates to a hair transplant, is important to observe the type of hair who has the patient, his coloration, its caliber and its density, as well as the extension of the zone that is lost hair and that needs to cover with the hair micrograft.

The transplant is realised generally withlocal anesthesia, except for some patients with more anxiety than they can need a certain component sedation.

The form to obtain the hair can extracta strip of the hairy leather(that later fragments in small grafts constituted by one or several hairs) of the region occipital or by means of the technique IT WAS, in which constituted among 1 are extracted micrografts and 4 follicles that directly can be grafted in the zone donor.

The patient must know that in case the extraction of the hair of the zone donor is realised by means of strip, the residual scar can be something visible if she decides to take the shaved hair very or, very short. If the patient wishes to take therefore the hair, more she is indicated than the patient is realised the modality WAS, of that we will speak in following the post, or can consult in our Web.

The time that takes to realise the complete technique is in favor conditional of the total number of you microimplant that they are going away to transplant.
Finished the technique, sometimes a bandage is placed or is left the patient in any case takes to the graft to the air, having the patient to be careful not to injure the grafts just transplanted.

Passed the first day, the patient can wash the hairy leather letting run the water without using shampoo smoothly nor rubbing the zone. Between the 2 and 6 days permission occurs to the patient so that the head with shampoo for babies (smooth) without scratching is soaped or only rubbing using the yolks of the fingers. Between days 7 and 10 the points or the staples of the zone take off donor if the extraction of the zone donor has been realised by means of the extraction of a strip. As of this time the patient can realise his personal hygiene as usual.

The results are guaranteed and improve much the self-esteem of the patient. Inform to you: 911 138 321/695 505 165