Well-known as FUSS, it throws or strip, this technique consists of the extraction of a hairy leather band that extends by the later and lateral part of the head.
Intechnique FUSSthe hairs of the zone donor are extracted approximately by means of a fine band leather with hair among 15 and 20 cm in length by 1 cm in width that is obtained from the later or lateral zone of the head with later suture. The points to the 12-14 retire days and as result is a scar that is aesthetically invisible whenever the surrounding hair has a minimum length of about 0,5-1 cm. It is the method more used years in the last, especially for cases of baldness very outpost.

The technique is realised of the following way:

1. Zone donor

The surgeon extracts a strip of the area donor who stitches himself immediately leaving as scar a fine practically invisible line and through which the hair thanks to Sutura special Tricofítica for the hairy leather grows.

2. Extraction

Once extirpated the zone donor, it is come to his dissection to obtain the follicular units that will be implanted in the receiving zone. The dissection of the “strip” is realised under microscope. This process is due to realise of meticulous and careful form by a trained equipment that is classifying the follicular units according to the number of follicles that contain (from one to four).

3. It implants

The follicular units are implanted as well in the receiving zone through fine individual incisions respecting the natural direction of the hair in each patient and designing a line of frontal implantation with an irregular contour giving therefore a natural aspect to the transplant.

Before and later

technique fuss Beautyandco

Who are candidates to technique FUSS?

They are those that present extensive alopécicas areas since:

1) They obtain and they graft a lifted number of follicular units.
2) The percentage of transeccionadas follicular units in the preparation is minimum.
3) Less sessions need to obtain good results as far as density, with the consequence smaller economic cost.

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