The hymen is a membrane that covers the entrance with the vagina. It is broken during the first sexual relation with penetration, accompanies by a slight bleeding and generally is considered the sample of the loss of the virginity. Sometimes, by religious or social reasons mainly, some women require the reconstruction of the membrane. One is an intervention that we realised through one himenoplastia that secures some immediate and natural results.

Techniques of reconstruction of the hymen

There are several techniques that you must consult with your gynecologist before being put under this intervention to decide which is adapted for your case:

  • Simplest she is that one in which simply the rest are united that can be of hymen applying local anesthesia, but it is due to realise just a short time before they are going away to maintain sexual relations, by the weakness of the reconstruction. It is by that it stops his suitability is due to do between three days and one week before the wedding.
  • Another temporary measurement is a called substance “Alloplant”, a biological material tearable that is implanted at the entrance of the vagina so that it imitates to “the virginal” hymen. Also it must be carried out shortly before the first “official” sex, that normally usually is the night of weddings.
  • A more serious intervention would bethe vaginal plastic surgery, in which an incision to both sides becomes of the vaginal epithelium (the mucosa that covers the vaginal walls) and they are united to each other. On the contrary that the other two techniques, in this case is due to wait for a time before having sexual relations since there is to give time to that the wound recovers.
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Duration of the procedure 2 hours
Anesthesia The premises
Hospitalization No
Recovery 2 to 3 days
Results Immediate

First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor