Tensile magical threads in Beauty & Co

Tensile magical threads in Beauty & Co
What are the magical threads?

The tensile threads are threads jockstraps of Polidioxanona (PDO),compatible, reabsorbibles, totally safe and with lasting results. The reason for which they call “magical threads” drift of the authentic innovation which they represent with respect to the rest of tensile threads: the material of that they are made, the Polidioxano, creates weave of support of natural form by the production of collagen and fibroblasts around the inserted thread, that tighten and redensifican the skin.
How they are placed?

They are distributed with a fine needle that serves as guide concerning the subcutaneous cellular weave in depth and as uniform form. They are small provided threads of espículas (in the form of ear) that allows them to anchor in the weave which anchoragesnor sutures are implanted without, of very simple and fast form. Practically painless.

Between its main advantages it emphasizes that they stimulate the structure of the weave reactivating the collagen network of the skin, and they are not detected to at sight tact nor.

The technique of the implantation is individualized for each patient based on the age, the appearance and the degree of aging, and it is possible to be combined with other techniques if it is necessary, exceptuándo hyaluronic acid and rafiofrencuencia.
  • They rejuvenate the skin of the face from inside outwards.
  • They stimulatethe skin to create the new collagen and fibroblasts.
  • Shining more elastic skin and.
  • Without bleeding and scars, the PDO threads do not present anchorage devices, nor must be stitched.
  • They are reabsorbibles and biocompatible, without allergic rejections nor processes.
  • The procedure is fast and painless and lasts of 20 to 30 minutes, and the patient can get up himself to his habitual life of immediate form.


The results are progressive and natural, in harmony with the appearance of the patient, without radical changes nor artificial aspect. The change is not at the moment, can continuously be seen the definitive effect the three weeks, improving reaching the fullness to the 3 months. This is good since to being the radical change people do not have why to realize treatment, but progressively an improved and younger aspect is seen.
The result lasts of up to 12 months.

The side effects are minimum: oedema, reddening or some hematoma, that disappear soon after. The patients can get up themselves immediately to their habitual activity.
Who are candidates?

People as of the 35 years, that initiate either the first signs of face flaccidity or as preventive treatment. It is an excellent alternative for “coming up”, “repairing” and “to improve” the gravitational flaccidity, in addition to delaying during some years lifting surgical.