The amazing effect of tensile magical threads

The amazing effect of tensile magical threads

Tensile Magical threads

One is a treatment of almost immediate face rejuvenation thanks to a safe procedure, simple, fast, without incisions, pain and with a biocompatible and reabsorbible material.


The magical threads have their origin in Japan and they take using as material of cardiac suture for many years, and so it has been possible to resist his security and he is proven that do not produce antimicrobial and bioabsorbibles rejection nor allergies to the being. The material of the thread is the Polidioxanona and reabsorbe to the 6 months.

Of what the treatment consists?

The tensile threads are able to give back firmness to the face oval and to tighten the skin of the neck with a very simple and safe procedure. One is to weave a species of enmeshes, a crossed thread framework that holds the face weave.
Based on the case, the patient can be put under a treatment with threads that need anchorage or no. After determining the face areas to try and in only 30 minutes, the specialist introduces tensile minithreads under the dermis. The technique totally is individualized for each patient following the age, the appearance and the degree of flaccidity but in a standard session usually are inserted between 10 and 20 threads.
They are applied through a very fine needle-cannula that is introduced in a plane through subcutaneous cellular weave and when retiring it, the fiber is tightened without necsidad of anchorage. Each thread causes a progressive fibrosis in the subcutaneous cellular weave, which facilitates its anchorage to the skin.


1. These Threadsare able to rejuvenate from within towards outside stimulating the skin to form new collagen, in addition to fibroblasts. That is one of the majors advantages, because the threads favor the collagen formation, the person in charge of the firmness of the skin. The result? More shining a more elastic skin and.

2. Another one of the main advantages of this ‘magical’ product is that allergies nor rejections practically do not exist. In addition, he is undetectable to the palpation and in view, and only it needs maintenance in the mid term. The results, natural and in harmony with the appearance of the patient, are observed from their application.

When we see results?

The results are natural and progressive, and, generally,the definitive effect can be observed the three weeks continuously, improving until reaching the three months.

Exist some does type of side effect?
: The side effects are transitory and of little importance: reddening in the insertion points, slight oedema in the zone, hematomas if one breaks some capillary and fleeting pain that will disappear within 2 to 6 days.

Who are candidates for this treatment?

Habitually for people as of 35 years that want to prevent, to repair and/or to improve the flaccidity. They are possible to be combined with other treatments, as radio frequency, botulinum toxin, fillings, mesoterapia with vitamins, shapes rich in factors of growth, cosmetic laser and, by all means, cares. It is a treatment that must avoid all that one people who are susceptible to develop queloidea scar, infection and/or acute inflammation in the place of the implantation.

Why they are used?

The main indications are: elevation of the cheeks, recovery of the face oval, improvement of nasogenianos furrows, lines of marionette, wrinkles of the contour of eyes and elevation, bar code of eyebrows, improves of the double chin and reaffirmation of the neck.


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