War to varices in Beauty & Co

War to varices in Beauty & Co
To shine some beautiful legs on the beach can be turned into a great problem for those people who suffer of varices, since they are tried to hide with long articles, the heat generates more cramps and slowness of legs and in addition the aspect to varices gets worse remarkably.

We are going to count the causes of its appearance and how to eliminate them in Beauty & Co with a simple treatment: Sclerosis.

Causes of varices

The circulatory system is in charge to distribute the blood through organism by means of the veins, that are the conduits that transport the blood from peripheral weaves, as the legs, to the heart.

In the veins of the legs, the blood flows of ascendingformand to resist the effect of the gravity, in the veins are somevalvesthat they avoid that the circuit is altered (the blood circulates downwards). When walking or running, the muscle is contracted, and these valves guarantee that the blood flows correctly.

The problem, is born when there is a failure in the mechanism that drives the blood towards the heart.Venous ebb tide, is the name that receives this pathology, that is pronounced with the following symptoms: varices, cramps, heavy legs and creeps. The result is veins very swollen with different degrees, that the legs disfigure much and they even can get to suppose a risk for the health.

Conclusion, a bad circulation brings about the appearance of varices, but some other factors are added:
  • The overweight and the obesity
  • The genetics: Between the 70 and 80% of the cases they have its origin in the familiar genetics.
  • Articles to dress very fit that make difficult the circulation of the blood.
  • To be many hours seated or standing up.
  • The tobacco and the alcohol
  • The footwear (the heel must oscillate between the 4 and 5 cm)

How we can end them without happening through operating room?

A customized consultation is necessary so that the doctor evaluates the degree of varices to try, and thus to be able to put the most suitable treatment based on the case. Type spiders is varices very slight vaculares and other that are very great and excel as cords in relief.

First the transiluminación is used to analyze them. With her, the interior of the veins can be seen, and even, varices and spiders are detected that not yet are perceivable for the eye, but which with time they are going to leave in the extremities. In this way, they can be located and be tried.

By means ofthe sclerosis they are eliminated in several sessions, and consists directly of the application of an injection of an occlusive substance on the vein. It is the most appropriate treatment, when there are spiders you tilt. He is minimumly invasive, but the first week is due to avoid the physical activity.
Although, contraindications do not exist to realise it in summer, during the 30 first days you must avoid the exhibition to the sun. To follow this, and other indications it is very important to obtain some beautiful legs and that the treatment is completely effective.

He does not require period of recovery and the patient can be reincorporated to his normal activities of immediate form. Although it is necessary to consider that varices esclerosadas will be changing of color until their complete disappearance during the treatment.


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