The Radio frequency is a current of electromagnetic energy that, when being applied by means of a special device on the skin, secures a reducing effect, anti-celulítico, reafirmante and smoother. Of habitual use and amply known in surgery (electrobisturí, coagulation, diathermy, etc.), recently one has been able to create a technology able to deposit the energy (heat) of the radio frequency of selective way in the deep dermis and the subskin layers without affecting the epidermis. It activates the cellular metabolism (formation again collagen, lipolítico and detoxificante effect) and produces vasodilator (it favors the lintático drainage and the oxygenation of weaves).
The mechanical Ultrasounds are vibrations to a frequency superior to the audible sound. It is a diathermy technique that obtains its benefits when turning the acoustic energy (sonorous vibrations) into thermal energy (heat). This has multiple applications but in Aesthetic Medicine what it interests to us it is the action anti fibrin that affects the septum fibrous which they comprise structural of the cellulitis.
The Exilis is the only device that combines in only equipment the benefits of the radio frequency and the ultrasounds. It reaffirms, it reduces and it smooths of noninvasive form and with clearly visible and lasting results.
It has been doctor-aesthetic equipment more awarded in U.S.A in the last five years. Best Body Shaping Device, Best Skin Tightening or product and Best Skin Tightening Device.
It has been the revolution in the United States and he is already here in Beauty and Co.