Aesthetic masculine: Pouches, a problem common and how to eliminate them

Aesthetic masculine: Pouches, a problem common and how to eliminate them

What are the pouches?

When we talked about to the pouches, we spoke of those annoying ones and uncomfortable pigments that appear in the eyelids inferiors of our eyes, with their characteristic made blue color, causing that our glance loses expressivity and it is seen remarkably more tired and dull. They are associated generally socially to a life of excesses, and not too calm, also bad habits or genetics. This aesthetic problem can condition to us in our social, labor relations remarkably or even of pair.

The nature of the pouches in the men is the same that in the women, under the skin blood vessels exist that are made little by little visible causing that appears these annoying so undesired colors.

Why they appear the pouches in the men?

The causes and reasons are many to which they are associated the appearance of pouches in the men:

The pouchesunder the eye because the zone of the eyelid this cover by a especially fine and weak layer leather, therefore is very prone to that the blood vessels can be seen through her.
Another one of the reasons by that they appear the pouches in the masculine face is the high hereditary component that entails this sign of the age, is very possible that if has direct antecedents that have undergone pouches, sooner or later these end up pronouncing itself in their face.
To rest badly or to sleep few hours is another one of the elements that favor to the formation of pouches in the men. To sleep 8 hours is essential so that our body recovers of its daily efforts, if we did not rest the sufficient time, is possible that the pouches begin to appear gradually, seizing of our glance.
Stress and the pressure, often bring about that the pouches make formal appearance, in addition normally these situations so accompanied by lack of dream, therefore, it is made still more presents the made blue color of the pouches.

How I can eliminate the pouches?

This is the question that everybody that undergoes them considers sometimes, and the reality is that answers for the different types from problems exist, following the magnitude of our pouches, and also of the type of treatment who we wish to take to end.

It is better than the doctor personally analyzes each case to know which is our problem, if it isthe pigmentation, or if it is the collapse of the zone, by the lost one oftension and the flaccidity, of this form, we can decide on the most suitable technique to end the pouches.

If our problem is that the zone affected to lost much volume and has created a too much sunk zone, a good solution can be the injections of hyaluronic acid or collagen, and if the case more is advanced in the form of deep bags, the blepharoplasty is the best option. The surgery will manage to end those bags in the eyelids inferiors improving the aspect of our skin in this zone.

When our problem of the pouches is the pigmentation, we must be conscious that it is very difficult to eliminate this sign completely.Cosmetic the masculine onehas advanced remarkably and the men, also have products anti-pouches destined to avoid the formation of the same or to fight them when they are not in a too complex situation.

Since there are saying, the pouches as much have the same causes in men as in women, in addition the treatments are very similar. Although the women can hide their pouches thanks to the make-up and thus disguise them, the cosmetic one has remarkably advanced so that the men also benefit from this type of “tricks” and existspecific anti-pouches for masculine skins, although the men are very not given to use make-up.

New Eyes

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