How to eliminate the nasogeniano furrow without needing surgery in Beauty & CO

How to eliminate the nasogeniano furrow without needing surgery in Beauty & CO

Why they appear wrinkles in the nasogeniano furrow?

  • Displacement of the subcutaneous fat of zones as the cheeks due to the effect of the gravity. This causes that it forms folds underneath the cheekbones and that the nasogeniano furrow more is accentuated.
  • Loss ofcollagen and elastin in the skin, something that happens inevitably over the years.
  • People who laugh themselves much, that gestures more with the mouth and in which have an age outpost.
  • Loss of firmness in face muscles.

How to eliminate the wrinkles in the nasogeniano furrow without needing surgery?

The best alternative is not to resort to the fillings, since the surgery does not serve, as well as either the botulinum toxin injection, that is used for the dynamic wrinkles that take place by muscular contraction. The hyaluronic acid is most famous than it is used. Its hard effect in average between eight and 12 months, sometimes less, others more, depends on the person and the zone of the face where it is applied

Radiesse also gives best results in this zone, and its duration is similar to hyaluronic acid. The side effects are the derivatives of the injections, such as reddening or some small hematoma that disappears in some days.

There is an immediate result that is the effect of the filling and later to the three months, when the body has produced sufficient collagen, the surface of the skin begins alder grove and the lines of expression or arrugasno disappear completely but they are attenuated in a high percentage.

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