To eliminate the houndstooth checks in Beauty & CO with Bótox

To eliminate the houndstooth checks in Beauty & CO with Bótox

What are the houndstooth checks?

As we shelp before, the calls “houndstooth checks” are horizontal wrinkles that are located in the flanks of both eyes. They are very fine wrinkles and smooth at the outset but with happening of the years they become very deep and noticeable, and that are marked when gesturing, smiling or to squint the eyes.

These wrinkles cause aesthetic problems in the sense that they age the face and the expression. The houndstooth checks can be fought with several methods of surgery, natural and cosmetic methods, but also you can take a routine to avoid them with exercises and creams.

Main causes of appearance of the houndstooth checks

They influence many factors, already they are genetic, the passage of the age, exhibition to the constant sun, tobacco (that as well accentuates the wrinkles of the bar code).

We can improve them and prevent them independent of the age: the serums or creams that take to hyaluronic acid or precursors of this, peptides with effect bótox, and other components antiaging which they stimulate the collagen production can help, but not make miracles. These topical products have an effect preventivecoverall. From the 35-40 years already become fixed wrinkles that are even seen without gesturing.

Treatment to eliminate the Houndstooth checks

With botulinum toxin (bótox, azzalure) one is able to make almost disappear the wrinkles to the 100%. The botulinum toxin acts diminishing the contraction of fibers of the muscle to orbicular that it produces the wrinkles. In addition to diminishing the wrinkles then given, it delays the progression in the time of wrinkle of expression to static wrinkle. That is to say, in certain way it causes that the time pauses while the person is using Bótox. This treatment is totally effective in minors of 45 years.

In adults of 45 years we must value that percentage of the wrinkle is of expression and that percentage is of static wrinkle. The treatment would have to begin with Bótox to eliminate the component assets (expression wrinkle). The problem is that with the passage of the years it appears a passive component (wrinkles statics), that nonimprovement with Bótox (especially in majors of 55 years). In order to improve the static component we must deal the wrinkle with hyaluronic acid, laser, peelings chemical or with the combination of them. The hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin, that acts retaining water and giving volume. If we put it under the wrinkle, it is will be smoothed. The laser or peeling acts stimulating the production of collagen in the zones with static wrinkles, so that these fall, in addition to improving the texture and the color of the skin.


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