Bichectomía: it emphasizes your cheekbones

Bichectomía: it emphasizes your cheekbones

What are the Balls of Bichat?

The balls of Bichat are two acúmulos of delimited and independent greasy weave good of the rest of weaves, located normally in the thickness of each cheek, immediately below the cheekbones and in direct relation with the buccinador muscle. They do not have any specific function except for giving volume to the zone, being able to present very diverse sizes following the own characteristics of each individual. In the childhood these greasy acúmulos are generally of greater volume giving to the face contour the typical oval cleared and stuffed of the face of a baby or boy.

With happening of the years, normally this greasy weave begins slowly to diminish of size generating in the adulthood sharpened fascias more in than the volume of the cheeks in relation to the cheekbones and the jaw becomes minor. However, this diminution of volume in all the people does not occur in the same way.

Generally in the prominent people who present a cleared face contour more, cheeks and cheekbones little defined, these Bags or Balls of Bichat have not been atrophied turning out to be from much greater size of the wished one. It is for this group of patients who the Bichectomía represents a good alternative that manages to resist this phenomenon that bothers.

Of what the Bichectomía consists?

The Resection of the Balls of Bichat or Bichectomía, as it is called to him technically, is the surgical procedure - indicated so much in men as in women through what a plastic surgeon retires of partial form or total woven east greasy, drying out it permanently through a small incision of 1 to 1.5 centimeters that realise in the oral mucosa of the mouth (on the inside of each cheek), without leaving visible scars and with minimum annoyances for the person. One is a surgery of approximately 45 minutes of duration, that is realised of ambulatory form and with local anesthesia (also it is possible to realise it in the context of another plastic surgery).

The surgery, is not painful either during its accomplishment nor in the later period; It does not determine incapacity in the daily or labor activities; SHE IS safe, having a lowest risk and index with complications for the patient. It is possible to appreciate the result from the first post-surgical week and ispermanent. It determines a high impact and satisfaction in the patients who are realised it.

What result obtains when retiring the Balls of Bichat?

The Bags of Bichat are in the area inferior to the bony cheekbone. To the being some greasy weave compartment that vary in their size with the oscillations of the corporal weight, cause that some people present an increase in the volume of their cheeks. This consequently brings an aspect of roundness in the face or overweight.

With the Bichectomía, when retiring these fatty bags and as a result of the retraction of the space where they were contained, are managed to diminish specifically the volume of the cheeks of men and women, being done relatively more prominent the cheekbones and the jaw, obtaining to improve the face contour, giving to an aspect of greater slenderness and harmony to the face characteristics, as the use of a good make-up emulates it.

She is as well as the people submissive this procedure, soon after, notice thinner and with a face better defined.

Who is candidate to this surgery
  • Any adult individual in which the volume of the cheeks generates a bulky aspect not wished and that it looks for to give to major definition, harmony and beauty of the face characteristics.

How it is realised?
  • Since one generally is a procedure that is realised of ambulatory form and with local anesthesia, it very has under risk for the patient and index of complications. It does not increase the risk nor it adds majors either complications when it is realised together to other surgical procedures.
  • The recovery is fast and little annoying. In the first post-surgical days the patient can present slight inflammation in the internal area of the cheeks (on the inside of the mouth) and minimum pain when feeding itself or chew. In rare occasions he can appear bruise or bruises in the low zone of the same cheeks. For that reason one both recommends the use of local cold first days,the soft diet and the moderate physical activity without concerted efforts neither important solar exhibitions nor to high temperatures during the first week. Generally medecines for the first week are indicated within which a anti-inflammatory one is considered analgesic and, an antibiotic and a gastric protector.
  • The points (two by side) retire by the surgeon in the control passed 5 to 7 days of carried out the surgery (they are retired quickly because the healing of the mucosa within the mouth is very fast). The retirement of the suture material is not painful. It is more, passed this period, the majority of the times already have fallen of spontaneous form.
  • The Bichectomía does not determine general nor labor incapacity of importance. The patients can concur to be realised the procedure once finished to their activities the day of the surgery and they retire immediately after a pair from hours to its address, reincorporating itself to its labor activity, with minimum annoyances and sensation of slight increase of volume in the internal surface of the cheek.


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