It eliminates the bar code with hyaluronic acid in Madrid

It eliminates the bar code with hyaluronic acid in Madrid
Two types of face fillings exist: permanent weathers and. The most used they are the reabsorvibles weathers or, since they do not present complications nor side effects. The hyaluronic acid is a temporary filling very used for face treatments, as it is the filling of lips or to eliminate wrinkles in the lip superior.
The hyaluronic acid is used for face fillings of the part average and inferior of the face, whereas botox would be used for the part superior.

What is the “bar code”?

We call “Bar code” to the ugly vertical wrinkles that leave in the lip superior (peribucales) due to the passage of time or bad habits as smoking, drinking in pajita etc, and are marked when it is gestured.
We can eliminate them or to smooth them almost in its totality infiltrating hyaluronic acid in you fold them and, in some cases, with a small filling of lips. A very fine hypodermic syringe for the infiltrations is used, and is very little painful. Also local anesthetic cream is applied.

The results are visible at the moment in a session and last between 4-6 months.

Side effects

The temporary fillings do not present important side effects. It can appear:

- Small hematomas that disappear in 2-3 days.
- Local inflammation during some hours.

For the prevention of the peribucales wrinkles face massages and exercises can be realised.If the wrinkles are deep the only way to eliminate them is by means of infiltrations.

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