Diet before and after an intervention of aesthetic surgery

Diet before and after an intervention of aesthetic surgery
What to take before the operation:

The days before to the surgery it is recommended to follow an feeding heals and balanced, avoiding the tobacco from, at least, ten days before, and reducing the ingestion of the alcohol, since both make difficult the sanguineous circulation bringing about blood vessel constriction and shooting the arterial tension. 24 hours before the operation it is necessary to suppress the alcohol in his totality.

- Carbohydrates of easy assimilation, as the rice grazes or integral: they improve the intestinal transit, something necessary, because the immobility of the own surgery favors the constipation.

- Fruits and vegetables: They are very light and healthful, reason why they will help to maintain our weight us after the post-operative one, that usually demands some type to us of rest. In addition, they are rich in Vitamin C, that favors the collagen formation, necessary for the later recovery, it increases the energy and it favors the healing.

- Greasy: Vegetal fats and never saturated: Avocado, olive oil, blue fish, nuts, and other fruits droughts.

- Proteins: Meat of chicken or turkey, red, fish, eggs, seafood. They are good for the muscles, that it can remain inactivates the following weeks in some types of surgery by the obligatory rest and the impossibility, sometimes, to load weight during a time.

The day before the intervention

24 hours before the surgery it is necessary to eliminate in addition to the alcohol and the tobacco, the coffee, that can shoot the arterial tension, the nerves, and generate anxiety. Light foods and of easy digestion are recommended, and nothing liquid nor eaten can be ingested from the 24 times of the night previous. If we are going to happen throughthe general anesthesia, we will have to attend in uninformed.


The diet must be similar to the one of the previous days: fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, to form the new collagen and to recover the muscles. To avoid abundant meals not to take weight during the weeks of rest in which sport cannot be practiced.
The nutritional supplements are recommended before and after the surgery, vitamin C and E and the trace elements they will help to the recovery and the healing.To take much liquid to avoid the retention of liquids and to be hydrated well: water, juices, teas and infusions. Taking probiotic, favorable for the intestinal flora, in case of taking antibiotics, because it and usually they producer vaginal infections as innocent. Yogurt with bífidus help to restore the intestinal flora.